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Specification Data Sheet

Item Your requirements
Bag Size Length x Width x Height ?
Safety Work Load 500kg / 1000kg / 1500kg / 2000kg / Others ?
Bag Style U-panel / Circular / Tubular Style / Four Panel Q-Bag(Baffle Bag) / Others?
Bag Material Uncoated / Coated / ventilate(breathable) / Others ?
Bag Top Open / Skirt Top(Duffle Top) / Filling spout / Others?
Bag Bottom Flat / With Discharge spout / Others?
Lifting Loops One Loop / Two Loops / Four Loops / Sleeve type / Others?
Stitching (Seams) Plain Stitching / Overlock Stitching / Overlock with chain stitching / Others?
Dust(Sift) Proof Yes / No ?
Bulk Material Sand / Gravel / Powder / Stone / Sharp shape metal material / Others ?
Inner Liner Yes / No ?
Printing Logo Yes/ No ?
Other Special requirements  

Please Click Here to check more details about the bag specification for your reference.

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You can Click here to know some typical bag specification for your reference. 



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